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A digital catalog designed to build IT solutions

Central Office gives you an all-digital catalog that makes it easy to organize the products and services your business offers.

Central Office Catalog Dashboard

Tie everything you sell together in one place

At the core of Central Office is a digital catalog that connects, stores, and organizes everything your IT business offers. From hardware and licensing to internet connectivity and services, you’ll find everything you sell here.

Product Information Management

Easily find all the product data you need

Using our PIM, you can avoid the time-consuming process of

researching critical product information.

Product Information Management System Concept of Central office
  • Educate your customers with enhanced content
  • Position your solutions effectively with product marketing data
  • Quickly compare products and choose what you want to sell faster

Grow your service capabilities

Central Office is the only place where you can find and activate prebuilt services that enable you to support the entire life of the solution. 

Services Lifecycle Concept in Central Office
Service Information Management

Your services, every detail—all in one place

  • Standardize and store all of your service information
  • Access SOW templates stored with each service
  • Learn about each service with a detailed scope of work
Service Information Management System Dashboard in Central Office

Price your services dynamically

Finally, it’s easy and fast to calculate the cost of your services. Central Office lets you access variable pricing to dynamically price fixed fee services based on things like geography, sq. footage, or even the type of environment.

Variable Pricing Calculator Concept in Central Office
Add Internet Service Concept
Internet Services

Add connectivity to any solution

Easily start reselling internet services using prepopulated broadband, fiber, and cable options built right into the catalog.

  • map

    Offer internet services nationwide

  • fork_right

    Add new streams of revenue

  • sentiment_satisfied

    Provide more value to your customers


Package and build
new solutions

Central Office gives IT Service Providers the competitive advantage of being able to build unique new products and services, while also allowing customers to purchase however they want—upfront or on subscription.

Services for the customer

  • Hardware & Licensing
  • Configuration & Setup
  • Installation
  • Internet Service
  • Apps
  • Support

Network as a Service

Brand New SKU #D


Services for the customer

  • Internet Service
  • Apps
  • Support

Managed Internet

Brand New SKU #E


Services for the customer

  • Hardware & Licensing
  • Installation
  • Support

Software for the MSP

  • Apps

Managed Firewall

Brand New SKU #F


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the catalog come with existing items, or do I have to add my own?

Yes. The catalog comes pre-populated with thousands of products and services. During onboarding, we will help you add any additional items that might not currently be in the catalog.

Can I import new items to the catalog?

Of course. It's easy to import new items using our import template. Simply add items to the template, upload, and start selling.

What types of items are included in the catalog?

From day one, the platform catalog comes with thousands of items that range from access points, switches, and firewalls to laptops, surveillance cameras, cable runs, and internet connectivity. Everything is organized into 8 main categories: Hardware & Licensing, Assessment & Design, Installation & Feet on the Street, Configuration & Setup, Support, Apps, Internet Service, and X as a Service.

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